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    2017 Spring Refresh: 7 Ways to Refresh Your Home this Spring

    It is time for a spring refresh for your home! Dust off the cobwebs and open the blinds. Let the sun shine into your beautiful house or apartment! Are you feeling like your home is still in hibernation mode? Here are some simple tips and tricks on how a spring refresh can make you feel like you have a whole new home!

    #1: Put Away Your Bulky Winter Coats

    If you are lucky, the heaviest article of clothing you will need for the next 5 months is a light sweater. It’s time to take those snow boots and that bulky overcoat and put them in the back of a closet. You can make your home feel cleaner and more organized if once you put your winter gear away.

    You may notice that your entry areas in your home are dirty from family members tracking mud, snow, and road salt into the house. Once you have cleared heavy coats and boots from your entry ways, clean up these messy areas to give guests a great first impression of your home.

    Do you have thick and heavy blankets to keep you warm in the winter months? Go ahead and give those a wash and put them away. You won’t need them for the warm spring and summer nights. Clearing out bulky fabrics in rooms will make those rooms feel cleaner and brighter. Keep a colorful throw blanket handy if anybody gets the chills.

    #2: Switch Out Fabrics

    Give every room in your home a spring refresh by switching out dark and heavy winter fabrics for lighter ones. Bring lighter and brighter linens into your bedroom. In bathrooms and kitchens, choose light and colorful towels and rugs to reflect the season. Take this spring cleaning opportunity to clean rugs and window treatments as well.

    #3: Update Your Window Treatments

    spring decor | Mike Wood Realty in Reno
    Update your window treatments for spring

    The window treatments in a room can set the tone and feel of a room. Make sure each room in your home gives a clean and welcoming look by updating your window treatments. Look for soft window coverings like curtains with a pop of color or a floral design to brighten up the room.

    Do you have thick or dark curtains for the winter? Switch those thick fabrics out for a light and floral option. You can also install Roman shades for a classic look. If you already have roman shades, give them some TLC with a dusting session as part of your spring cleaning regimen.

    #4: Add Fresh Flowers

    Bring some fresh flowers into your home. Whether it’s sunflowers in your kitchen or tulips in your dining room, flowers can be a real mood booster for your home. This also adds a splash of color to your home. Don’t forget about adding some green to your guest and master bathrooms!

    #5: Add Bright Pillows

    Give your home a spring refresh with some spring decor. Brighten up the color palette in your living room with some brightly colored pillows! Decorative pillows are relatively inexpensive and can liven up a room in no time.

    #6: Clean Out Your Closet

    Don’t stop your spring cleaning at the communal areas! It is the season for spring cleaning, and this can include clearing out unwanted items from your wardrobe. Do you own outfits or suits that you have not worn in years? It is time to get rid of clothing items that clutter up your home. Gather up unwanted clothing items and donate them to a local charity to be put to good use. Ask the charity for a donation receipt so you can get a tax deduction for your donations.

    #7: Clean Your Porch and Front Door

    spring cleaning | Mike Wood Realty in Reno
    Keep the porch clean for summer fun

    Your front door can experience a lot of wear and tear during the harsh winter. Clean off dust, dirt, and debris from your door with a wet rag. Your exact washing instructions will vary based on the finish of your door. It may be time to slap on a new coat of paint to your front door to make it really shine. After all, it is the first impression someone gets when they visit your home.

    Warm weather provides perfect conditions for relaxing on a porch and sipping lemonade. Clear off the deck of your porch and clean any porch furniture to take advantage of this home feature. For some pieces with more wear, try repainting it before you spend the money to replace it. Add some colorful pillows and cushions to make your porch your relaxation spot for the spring.

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