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    7 Advantages Of Buying a Home During the Summer

    Most people are often excited to begin shopping around for their first home once they’re ready to make the purchase. When you’re looking at buying a home, there are several features that you may be looking for in your next property while following real estate sales trends. When you’re ready to begin the search for your new home you may want to buy a property during the summer season. Here are the advantages…

    1. Ideal Weather Conditions

    home price seasonality | Mike Wood Realty in Reno
    Summer is a great season to house shop

    One of the main reasons that most people shop for a new home during the summer months is due to the great weather. You can enjoy clear skies overhead while exploring the local area without getting wet in the rain or having to plow snow to leave your house. Although you may be warm getting in and out of the car with each property that you visit in the winter, you’ll still have to fight icy roads or take detours due to poor weather. Home shopping in the summer is safer for traveling and will make it more pleasurable compared to other seasons of the year.

    1. School is Out

    For many families, it can be challenging to begin looking for a new home due to school schedules if you have children. Buying a home in the summer is easier because you won’t have to worry about getting your children to bed on time and can also shop around on the weekdays. The summer is often a better time to move your family and change schools if you move out of your current district. Moving in the summer will also allow your kids to adjust to their new surroundings before they start school. You can also have more flexibility with your job during the summer season when more people take time off of work.

    1. Perform Maintenance

    After you make a home purchase, there will likely need to be work or maintenance that is needed on the home. You may also want to paint certain rooms of the house or update the landscaping. You can complete the tasks during the summer season due to the warm days where you don’t have to worry about rain or storms.

    1. Sell a House

    Some people need to sell a house that they already own before they purchase another one. You can have an easier time selling your house in the summer season due to more buyers that are also in the market for a new property. If you attempt to shop for a home in the fall or winter season while trying to sell a house that you own, it can cause your property to sit on the market for several months and may lose value over time. Overall, there’s more flexibility with buying and selling in the summer season.

    1. Get a Good Deal

    Another benefit of shopping in the summer is that several properties are leftover from the spring season due to housing market seasonality. The buyers will often be desperate to sell the home after it’s sat on the market for an extended period, which will allow you to make a lower offer and get a good deal. The home price seasonality can allow you to save thousands of dollars if you shop at the right time and are prepared to make an offer.

    1. Time for Yard Sales

    real estate sales trends | Mike Wood Realty in Reno
    Summer is a good time for yard sales

    Most people take the time to purge their home while moving homes to avoid packing as many boxes in the moving truck. You’ll have the chance to host a yard sale in the summer and can get rid of more of your unwanted belongings. More people will be looking to visit yard sales on the summer weekends, which can allow you to have extra funds to put towards your move.

    1. See the Landscaping

    Looking for a new home during the summer season will allow you to see different properties at their best when the flowers are in bloom, and the lawns are green. You can enjoy seeing the lush trees in the front or backyard and can also view tennis courts or swimming pools that are available in certain communities. The interior setting will also be more illuminated during the summer months, which will allow you to take a closer look at the features that are available.

    Contact us to learn more about purchasing a home in the summer season and the advantages that it offers.

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