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    • Buying or Selling your Home: Which Comes First When You’re Moving?

    Buying or Selling your Home: Which Comes First When You’re Moving?

    Working with a real estate agent | Mike Wood Realty Working with a top real estate agent in Reno is a great way to get your home sale moving forward. But as difficult to figure out as the question “which came first – the chicken or egg?”. Is it better to buy your new home or sell your existing one first? Which should come first and why? These questions are often overlooked for the more obvious and commonplace questions. Like how many rooms you want or if the property has a swimming pool. Though these latter questions have merit. Figuring out what to do first is a crucial step that will likely dictate the next phases of the transition. Read on further as we discuss which comes first and how to sell your home in Reno.

    Degree of Danger

    Before a local Reno real estate agent is brought in to aid with the housing sale or purchase. Determine first which option involves the least amount of danger to your finances and lifestyle. This decision is highly personal in nature, and bringing in a top real estate agent in Reno may prove to be too soon.

    If you sell first, there is the possibility of not being able to find a new home that suits your needs and capacities thus rendering you homeless. As a single adult, this may not sound like cause for concern and even something that sparks excitement and adventure. But if you have a children and other family members to worry about, it’ll definitely be a stressful time.

    On the other hand, if you dive head first into a new mortgage contract, you are basically tying your finances to two mortgages. Of course until you can sell the existing one at some indefinite time in the future. Take a step and think about which path provides the lesser resistance to difficulty and uncertainty before finding a real estate agent in Reno.

    Conduct Thorough Research

    Research real estate prices | Mike Wood Realty Information is quintessential to anything humans do. Without clear and relevant data to work with, consumers in any industry including the housing market will not be able to function properly and make decisions that are in their best interests. Conduct thorough research about current market demand for the type of housing you are trying to sell.

    Presently, demand is outpacing supply for houses in certain parts of the country. See if the same vibrant economic news is fueling your local neighborhood. Generally, Reno’s hard-hit housing market is making a solid comeback. Thanks to the surge and expansion of tech companies around the area, it’ll be easier to sell your home in Reno today.

    Another important variable to research and vet is the average cost of housing. A top real estate agent in Reno can give you a good estimate. But it’s prudent as a homeowner and real estate investor to know your facts from research rather than solely relying on other’s knowledge base. Typically, houses in Reno fetch for an average price of $299,300. Relative to its 2010 average price of $167,000, this is definitely a great news for homeowners looking to part ways with their property.

    Good Versus Bad Broker

    Irrespective of what you choose to do first, buy or sell, a top real estate agent in Reno will be a key proponent to both transactions. Working with the right local Reno real estate agent can lower your costs. It will also yield better results through proficient knowledge and experience in Reno’s housing market. Fortunately, finding a real estate agent in Reno has become very easy nowadays thanks to technology, particularly the Web.

    Open up a search engine to begin finding a real estate agent in Reno. There are dozens to choose from and you’ll have to pick the right local Reno real estate agent if you wish to sell your home in Reno with cost-savings and maximum profits in mind. Choose an agent who has a proven track record of selling properties for the best prices and having a broad enough portfolio of real estate listings they can show to interested buyers.

    A reputable local Reno real estate agent will be in charge of facilitating the transactions between the buying and selling parties. They will help you deal with saturated markets, arrange escrows and inspection dates, and finalize an agreement to legitimize the transaction.

    Final Notes

    Finding a real estate agent in Reno is only one of the many headaches you’ll have to endure whilst trying to sell or buy your home, whichever comes first. Nonetheless, a good real estate agent will be able to sell your home in Reno within the shortest amount of time, fairest terms and conditions, and minimal effort and participation from the homeowner.


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