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    Must vs Lust: What Do You Really Need in a New Home?

    Most people become excited to move into a new home where they can begin to create memories and spend time as a family. The most important part of transitioning into a new property is furnishing the home to make it your own. It can be easy to overspend and splurge, but you’ll want to know what types of items are must-haves and others that are unnecessary.


    list of essential household items | Reno Housing Market
    Get only the appliances you really need

    It’s important to stick with the basics when purchasing new appliances for your home to avoid spending your money on products that aren’t essential. Measure the frame where the refrigerator will fit to ensure that the product isn’t too large for the kitchen. You’ll also need to determine if the home has electrical or gas hookups for the washer and dryer. A washer and dryer are also considered to be necessities that you’ll use every few days.

    You may want to buy a commercial blender or a free-standing mixer, but smaller appliances for the kitchen are not considered to be essential. Spend money on items that include a bottle opener, oven mitts, wooden spoons, and measuring cups when you’re cooking.

    Bathroom Items

    Avoid spending your money on magnifying mirrors or expensive vanities after you move into your new home. Instead, opt for towels, bath mats, shower curtains, scales, and plungers. Heated towel hangers and vases for flowers can also wait until you settle into the home.

    Bedroom Furniture

    To feel comfortable and sleep well at night, you’ll need to buy durable furniture that can last long-term for the bedrooms. You’ll need beds in each room with a dresser to hold clothing and personal belongings. Guest rooms should also feature furniture and can include a full-size mirror. Hangers will also be useful in closets, and shoe racks will save space depending on the number of items that you’re moving into the home.

    Cleaning Supplies

    One of the most important things every house should have are cleaning items, which includes vacuum cleaners and mops. The investment will allow you to remove dirt and grime that accumulates in the home while also maintaining the setting. Stock up on household cleaners, microfiber rags for dusting, and toilet brushes.

    Laundry Room Tools

    Whether you do laundry in the garage or a separate room of the home, there are essentials to use to wash and dry your clothes each week. Buy a laundry basket to carry the clothes throughout the house and use a drying rack to hang items that you don’t want to shrink. You’ll also need laundry detergent, dryer sheets, an iron, and an ironing board.

    Safety Products

    Disasters and accidents can occur in the home from time to time making it necessary to have certain products on hand throughout the house. A fire extinguisher should be placed in the kitchen near the stove, and a first aid kit in a bathroom on each floor of the home. Flashlights and batteries can be moved into closets, which will prove to be useful if the electricity is not working. Tools are also considered to be must have home accessories to perform repairs while owning the home. Purchase a tool set that includes flat-head and philips screwdrivers, a hammer, nails, hooks, and other types of hardware. Keep the items in the garage or in one of the closets.

    Living Room Accessories

    things every house should have | Reno Housing Market
    Keep the living room minimal

    The living room is the most common area of the home to lounge in and should also accommodate eating and drinking. Although you may want to splurge on different types of decor or furniture pieces, you’ll only need a couch, a lamp, and a side table. Purchase a television, which you can mount on the wall or can sit on a console table that holds books or movies. You’ll need a set of coasters to protect your furniture from water stains.

    Consider installing hooks near the front door in the entryway of the home to store jackets or coats. A small shelf can also placed by the front door for shoes, backpacks, and purses if you want the space to stay organized and free of clutter. Add a mat by the front door to prevent dirt from coming into the home.

    When you’re moving into a new house, it’s important to buy must have household items everyone should have. Using a list of essential household items will prevent you from overspending or cluttering your home with unnecessary items. Contact us to learn more about the things you’ll need.

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