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    The Fine Art of Selling your Home: How Overpricing can Cost You

    Selling your home | Mike Wood Realty It used to be that selling your home took a simple money and deed transaction between two parties and a handshake to finalize the deal. Nowadays, however, the red tape that exists for homeowners looking to sell their house has become bothersome and, at times, frustrating. Nonetheless, the extensive bureaucracy and economic challenges that abound should not stop you from selling your real estate in Reno. Below are five tips on how to price and sell your home in Reno.

    Dangers of Overpricing

    Before getting into actionable steps when finding a real estate agent in Reno and selling your property, let’s first point out to some reasons why overpricing a house for sale can lead to irreparable damages. An obvious reason is that overpricing can scare off prospecting buyers before you can even show them the place. Most buyers work with realtors, and these experts know when an overpriced property when they see one. As a direct result of this, overpriced houses also take too long to sell, which means accumulated marketing costs and brokerage fees over time just to sell your home in Reno.

    Stay Realistic on Your Ask

    Now that we’ve dived into the dangers of overpricing a property for sale, the next step is to stay realistic on your asking price. Establish a price range for your home rather than just set a strict number. The floor and ceiling prices are what your buyers must work with in order to move on to the next phases of the sale. If they are unwilling to meet you within that range, entertain no further and move to the next interested buyer. Be sure your asking price is realistic by consulting with a top real estate agent in Reno and by confirming the number through legitimate sources like realtors you meet in forums online and relatives or friends who already did this transaction in the past.

    Find a Good Local Reno Real Estate Agent

    Working with the wrong local Reno real estate agent can be a deal-killer. Fortunately, finding a real estate agent in Reno is easier nowadays thanks to technology. The web can provide contact information of dozens of local Reno real estate agent operatives in the area. Some indicators that your candidates are good for the job include them being able to consistently monitor the MLS, understand which properties are selling in the market and for how much, and the comps of the given location.

    Build a Compelling Case Online

    In today’s tech-driven era, more than 90 percent of home buyers begin their search online. This is why you should build a compelling marketing scheme on the web first if you want to sell your home in Reno. Consult a top real estate agent in Reno to help you plan and design your marketing materials online. As a general rule of thumb, include only compelling photos on the listing. Ensure the photos have good lighting and are depersonalized of any items you own, so buyers can picture themselves in that part of the house.

    Tidy Up

    Before bringing anyone over, ask for a day or two from your local Reno real estate agent, so that you can tidy up the place. When finding a real estate agent in Reno, try to look for one with a good eye for organization and aesthetics. Prospective buyers are smart, and they will peek under every bed and couch and every floor crevice and cabinet gap. Tidying up the place and decluttering it of your belongings can help sell your home in Reno much faster.

    Bring in Help From Neighbors

    Selling real estate in Reno | Mike Wood RealtyAside from a top real estate agent in Reno, you can also get help from an unlikely ally – your neighbors. Since they’ll be spending the most time with your buyer after the deal has been closed and you move out, many of your neighbors may want to help with the screening process. With the help of a top real estate agent in Reno, organize a block party-slash-open-house for your prospective buyers and neighbors. The benefit to this is two sided – your neighbor gets to pick their neighbors while you also get them to market the area and property to your prospective buyers.

    There you have it – five tips that summarize the fine art of selling your humble abode. The next common step here is to buy a new home. If you are planning to relocate within the area, using the services of the same broker is feasible. This is why you should always look for versatility when finding a real estate agent in Reno. A versatile professional has experience in both ends of the transaction.

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